August 02, 2019 at 10:49am | Mary Grace Muth

Let's be honest, eating healthy is TOUGH! We're all busy and when we're finally not busy we'd much rather get lost in the world of Netflix than cook! Allow me to set up an all too familiar scenario for you. You're deep in the grind of a hectic work week, going from one call to the next all while trying to check off the next item on the list and your cellphone dings. You pick it up and it's from the family group chat with that dreaded question......"WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!" Ah! That's the last thing you want to worry about right now. When you're just about to resort to the heart attack inducing burger joint down the street, you remember that you placed an order for a family meal at Nourishpoint over the weekend. THANK GOODNESS. All you've got to do is grab it on your way home and you and the family are saved from from another puddle of grease. 

Ya’ll this stuff is seriously yummy and what’s better than a balanced meal that you don’t have to cook?! Rachel & Craig are committed to helping you with athletic goals, life goals, or just feeling better in general. You'll love the selection - breakfast, sandwiches, snacks, entrees....get your grab-n-go or pre-order your families’ meals at one of their locations today!


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